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It takes both to succeed

Many organizations are very good at developing brand and marketing strategies that have the potential to produce excellent business results. But often these strategies become diluted or even derailed due to misaligned execution. Other organizations are experts at flawless execution of strategies that may not align with actual customer behaviors and organizational goals. The reality is that it takes both to succeed. And that requires a holistic approach, connecting internal and external components to create a symbiotic brand.


My new book is available now at http://amzn.to/1vh6ATG

When marketers fail, it is generally tied to their inability to connect strategy with in-market execution. My new book, “Getting There from Here: Bridging Strategy and Execution,” takes on the task of not only outlining how critical it is to bridge this gap but also identifying the rewards on the other side: operational excellence and in-market impact. It is an excellent reference for perspective and processes that help bridge expectations, experiences, and behaviors among all brand stakeholders at every touchpoint.

Visit http://amzn.to/1yK9DTG to download a copy. Whatever your goals, it will help you get there from here by giving you tools and processes to effectively bridge strategy and execution for better business results.

Getting There from Here: Bridging Strategy and Execution

Page 15:     The power of the bridge between strategy and execution

Page 59:     The RAPPORT Process; a master process and language that helps align every level of your organization

Page 125:   How to conduct an effective Strategic Summit

Page 42:     How to know a good vision statement when you see one

Page 116:   How to build a metrics bridge dashboard

Page 17:     The true relationship of brand and marketing

Page 21:     Harnessing the relationship between business, brand, and innovation

Page 34:     Finding strategic alignment control points

Page 53:     How to be sure you’re selecting the right opportunities

Page 56:     When estimating can be better than counting

I’d love to hear from you how this book helped improve your business results. Post your comments here or email me gregf@gropartnersconsulting.com.

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